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I'm a software developer based in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. Lazutkin.com is my professional blog, which contains short writeups and presentations regarding modern web applications. All articles here are written by myself, unless stated otherwise.

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Setting up tools 2

This is the 2nd part of Setting up tools on Windows — notes mostly for myself. (No, I don’t run Django with MSSQL under IronPython. Yet.) In this installment I add more stuff to Eclipse, and set up my apps under FastCGI on Linux-based shared host (I use DreamHost). Eclipse This section was updated on 9/30/2006. I already set it up with PyDev and Subclipse. Now I want to add HTML/CSS editing.

Snakes, rubies, and some comments

12 Dec, 2005 - 2 minutes
A week ago I posted a link to David’s take on "Snakes and Rubies" event. Of course I am talking about article written by RoR’s creator. It is a great read, but this time I’ve read reader’s comments (or "challenges to the Loud Thinking"). Oh, boy! It gives you insight into Rails, Django, and their perception by developers and users. For example, I am not very familiar with i18n problem, but it looks like a lot of people were quite passionate about it.

It finally happened!

3 Oct, 2005 - 1 minutes
Joy to the World! DreamHost just started to offer MySQL/InnoDB! Finally we can do transactions. Just three weeks ago they "didn’t have any plans." Wording of the news is kind of strange: "we now offer InnoDB support on all new MySQL databases anybody adds from our web panel." It turned out I cannot change my existing databases. Oh, well. I can copy them.

DreamHost: no transactions

12 Sep, 2005 - 2 minutes
Update: InnoDB is in the house! In my previous post I already complained about lack of transaction support by DreamHost. The only database option is MySQL with InnoDB engine, which doesn’t support transactions. Everybody knows that transactions are nice. So what about MySQL/InnoDB or PostgreSQL? So I hit DreamHost forums and found several posts from DreamHost people about PostgreSQL and InnoDB: Re: PostgreSQL rant on 06/02/05 by Jeff @ DreamHost (DH Discussion Forum Admin) Re: PostgreSQL rant on 06/01/05 by Dallas (DreamHost Head Honcho/Founder) Re: mod_proxy support on 04/07/05 by Jeff @ DreamHost (DH Discussion Forum Admin) Re: PostgreSQL on 12/03/04 by will Re: PostgreSQL rant on 10/15/04 by nate Re: PostgreSQL rant on 06/23/04 by Jeff @ DreamHost (DH Discussion Forum Admin) Re: MySQL 4, PostgreSQL on 07/15/03 by will Re: MySQL 4, PostgreSQL on 04/07/03 by Jeff @ DreamHost (DH Discussion Forum Admin) Re: transactions in mysql on 02/11/03 by Jeff @ DreamHost (DH Discussion Forum Admin) So I’ve got the impression that PostgreSQL is out for now, but MySQL/InnoDB is really close to be implemented and offered to customers.

Running on 'sql:' cache now

Now this blog runs on sql:. I use MySQL as my backend. Before that I tested it locally with SQLite (so easy to install!) and MySQL. I learned today that MySQL, which is provided by my host (DreamHost), uses MyISAM for all tables. MyISAM doesn’t support transactions. AT home I use InnoDB, which supports transactions. However the hope is not lost — DreamHost mulls over InnoDB support. But as far as I know, they don’t have an implementation schedule yet.