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Snakes, rubies, and some comments

A week ago I posted a link to David’s take on "Snakes and Rubies" event. Of course I am talking about article written by RoR’s creator. It is a great read, but this time I’ve read reader’s comments (or "challenges to the Loud Thinking"). Oh, boy! It gives you insight into Rails, Django, and their perception by developers and users. For example, I am not very familiar with i18n problem, but it looks like a lot of people were quite passionate about it.

In general it gave me a different prospective on problems of fellow DreamHost customer Alex Payne (outlined here). When I was setting up some of my stuff on DreamHost using Django I had to figure out some things: proper FastCGI setup, .htaccess incantations, and so on. I was kind of envious of RoR’s users because "Ruby on Rails now fully supported complete with FastCGI!" (taken from What’s New marquee section of DreamHost’s main page). I assumed DreamHost had these problems solved. It did. I didn’t know at that time that there are some other problems mentioned by Alex.

Django is rock solid, I never had problems with stability, memory leaks, and so on. My blog is up since August 2005 and so far this train is on schedule. Is it so because it doesn’t use Rails?

And, yes, I am still getting visitors googling for "lost connection to mysql server during query rails" on regular basis. Sigh…