DreamHost: no transactions

_Update: InnoDB is in the house!_

In my previous post I already complained about lack of transaction support by DreamHost. The only database option is MySQL with InnoDB engine, which doesn’t support transactions. Everybody knows that transactions are nice. So what about MySQL/InnoDB or PostgreSQL?

So I hit DreamHost forums and found several posts from DreamHost people about PostgreSQL and InnoDB:

So I’ve got the impression that PostgreSQL is out for now, but MySQL/InnoDB is really close to be implemented and offered to customers. I decided to ask the support directly and got two firm answers: MySQL/InnoDB — No, PostgreSQL — No. They don’t have any plans to introduce them.Why? No reasons were given. Obviously "it could change" over time. But for the last several years it didn’t.

Interesting that last year they "caught" someone who installed PostgreSQL and ran it as a user, but they "wouldn’t allow that". Why? I wonder if there is a list of prohibited software. Hmm…