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OpenWrt GUI: new release

It looks like this is the last update before upcoming beta release. Besides some minor bug fixes, it sports improved firewall configuration widget:

  • Compact representation of port ranges.
    • Example: tcp 9000-9100 ⇒ mycomp
  • Port redirection.
    • Example: tcp 8080 ⇒ mycomp:80

While the former improves on existing functionality, the latter implements totally new feature. It allows mapping external ports to different ports of internal computers. Redirection of ranges is supported as well. As a matter of fact it was the most requested feature so far.

The package is here: webui-0.1-alpha.ipk. You can install it using following command in OpenWrt shell:

ipkg install http://lazutkin.com/download/webui-0.1-alpha.ipk

Previous release notes can be found here: WebUI refresher, and alpha released.