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OpenWrt GUI: alpha released!

Finally I released WebUI 0.1 (Homunculus) alpha — AJAX-based web interface for OpenWrt made with Dojo! Highlights of this release: 5 more applets including firewall configurator and more network settings. Now proceed to install the package and to read release notes.

The package is here: webui-0.1-alpha.ipk. You can install it using following command in OpenWrt shell:

ipkg install http://lazutkin.com/download/webui-0.1-alpha.ipk

Release notes:

  • WebUI can be installed side-by side with webif (comes standard with OpenWrt White Russian RC4). To access it use following URL: http://your_router/webui.html.
  • Five more applets are added to this release:
    • System: provides a menu for existing applets.
    • Firewall configurator: simple management of DMZ and port forwarding.
    • Hosts configurator: manages a list of static hosts (used by DNS and by Firewall configurator).
    • Ethers configurator: manages a list of static assignment of IP by MACs.
    • WDS configurator: manages WDS connection settings.
  • General clean up of user interface:
    • More information is moved to tooltips.
    • Help is provided by tooltips.
    • Context-specific references to OpenWrt documentation.
  • Tested on following browsers:
    • Firefox: works.
    • IE6: works.
    • Opera 8.50: doesn’t work.
    • Konqueror: doesn’t work.
  • I decided to proceed with release in spite of Konqueror and Opera problems. I hope it will be solved later. For now use Firefox.
  • As always I appreciate your feedback: openwrt [@] lazutkin [.] com.