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OpenWrt GUI: hosts editor

I didn’t have a lot of time this weekend. So I decided to implement the simplest part of upcoming OpenWrt GUI (webui) — hosts editor. It is a perfect candidate to write something in 15 minutes or less — it has almost no "business" logic in it: read/edit/verify/write cycle. The hardest part was to learn how to upload dynamically generated files without writing them to disk first.

It turned out to be very simple. Right now it is implemented using Dojo’s versatile dojo.io.bind() facility and some external code.

I am extremely pleased with dojo.io.bind(), which is a Swiss-army knife of AJAX programming. It makes practically any types of server callbacks possible! I hope it would be even better with support of alternative encoding and dynamic file uploads. I’ll submit a patch to Dojo as soon as I’ll find another free time slot in my schedule.

Stay tuned!