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Looking at stats: Google Video

Let’s take a look at Snakes & Rubies stats published on Google Video. But before that take a look at previous stats published on 1/27/2006. New stats include 5 more days covering 18 days of January 2006.


  1. More people read Django Community RSS feed than the news group, which was used for previous announcement. Duh.
    1. People followed my advice and went to watch Q&A Session. Very good! I know you were not disappointed.
    2. More people decided to watch Adrian’s presentation this time than before. It boosted greatly his number of page views comparing to other video fragments. In fact it is the most watched fragment of the series. Adrian, next time I suggest you to start you presentation with your rendition of Super Mario 2 theme. People totally dig it!
    3. People watched the whole 3 hour movie instead of equivalent bits and pieces. It is amazing but true. At 30 viewers/day it will overtake individual fragments pretty soon, if not today.
  2. People favor convenience over quality.
    1. The event attracted almost 600 viewers so far. In last 5 days ~80/day came to see it.
    2. While higher quality originals are available, hundreds of people used Google Video. I don’t know why but I suggest to use it in the future for all such things. Maybe sreencasts should be adapted for low quality compression and published too.

Let me thank everybody who made this documentary possible. Adrian, David — you gave an excellent show. My special thanks go to Jacob Kaplan-Moss, who actually made the movie.