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Full Snakes & Rubies video is live

Finally full Snakes & Rubies video went live on Google Video! And it took only 18 days to verify it (19 days, if you count when I started to upload it). Apparently the whole process of verification depends on file size nonlinearly. It cannot depend on content because it is a combination of smaller files: Adrian’s Django presentation, David’s Rails presentation, and Q&A session. Oh, well.

And now is time for some stats (1/9/2006–1/27/2006):

As you can see publishing files on Google Video was worth it. It helped ~200 people. Obviously nobody was able to see the full video yet because it just went live. One interesting tidbit: viewers loved to download David’s presentation. Downloading Google Video file (.gvp) gives you a small text file, which references the web site and nothing more. You can save URL with the same effect. Of course some smart alecks can use tools to download actual video (.flv), but why? Much better original is available without restrictions and it is referenced from Google Video pages. Another thing: many people watched presentations but didn’t watch the Q&A session, which is equally (if not more) interesting.

BTW, if you like Adrian’s speaking skills, you should hear him playing his guitar Django style (of course!): Gypsy jazz version of Super Mario Bros 2 song.