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Dojo docs: gfx and dnd

I just finished the first cut of the dojo.dnd 1.1 technical documentation. Let me use this post to remind you about the dojox.gfx 1.1 documentation. I hope I satisfied the curiosity of many developers, but the ultimate proof will be the number of simple questions on Dojo Forum. Let’s hope it will go down. And don’t forget that the Dojo Book has a DnD chapter too.

Both documents are hosted on Google Docs, and are “live” documents — as soon as I update the document it is updated for you too. I intend to update them on regular basis to track the current version.

If you found any mistakes, typos, omissions, or just unclear wording, please let me know. If you know a good trick to do with those packages, do not hesitate to share it on Dojo Campus as an article or a “cookie”.

My next documentation goal is dojox.charting. Stay tuned!