Finalizing PyCon 2006 pictures

I found some time to finalize my pictures and notes on PyCon 2006. I tried my best to identify people in my pictures. Now you can see their names and links to their blogs. I added links to official descriptions of their talks, as well as to excellent detailed notes of some talks by Steve Holden. I advise to visit his blog, because he has notes on some talks I didn’t attend.

If you want to relive your PyCon 2006 memories (or implant new ones), you can do it here. While you can find blog addresses in pictures, I updated my master blog roll as well.

I want to thank Andrew Kuchling, Steve Holden, Django team (Adrian Holovaty, Simon Willison, Jacob Kaplan-Moss, Matt Croydon), Ian Bicking, and all participants for the great time I had at PyCon.

And now for some pictures I like:

Guido van Rossum Jeremy and Adrian Derek and Ian Simon and Stephen Matt Croydon Jacob Kaplan-Moss The usual suspects