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Django Dojo

Django-Dojo alliance was finally announced to the world by our very own Jacob Kaplan-Moss:

Starting with version 0.92 (which should be out in a few weeks, Murphy willing), Django is going to bundle Dojo with the toolkit. Specifically as part of Django’s admin interface (but available to user apps as well).

Read all about it in Jacob’s post.

I am overjoyed to see such cool high quality open source projects are working together. Clearly it will make it easy to create kick-ass highly interactive web applications in Django and it will advance Dojo positions as a premier AJAX toolkit. It is a rare win-win situation for everybody involved including users of both frameworks.

Some people, who fault Django on building its own components instead of reusing existing ones, will be surprised by this decision. Let me clarify that Django community is not affected by DIY and NIH syndromes. Being a part of it I can say that a lot of options are debated, and the most compelling alternative is used. This is the secret sauce, which makes Django so solid and consistent. Selection of Dojo is just a visible evidence of this approach.

A lot of people are using Dojo in their projects. Django will bring even more users, which will lead to more ideas, more contributed code, and more polished foundation.

Django-Dojo pairing was not unexpected for active community members. Long debates demonstrated that Django community supported this decision even before it was announced. As for me I support it 100% and I will help to make it happen.

Django 0.92 is coming soon. But I already started salivating over upcoming changes to Django Admin application in Django 1.0! When you think it covers 99% of what you need with ease and grace, it is about to be upgraded!