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Different people, different opinions

It is practically impossible to travel to Muslim countries without hearing some anecdotes about Nasreddin Hodja. Here is one (the source):

Hodja was once a judge. One day a man came to his house to complain about his neighbor. Hodja listened carefully and then said to him,

— My good man, you are right.

The man went away happily. In a little while the first man’s neighbor came to see Hodja. He complained about the first man. Hodja listened carefully to him, too, and then said,

— My good man, you are right.

Hodja’s wife had been listening to all this, and when the second man left, she turned to Hodja and said,

— Hodja, you told both men right. That’s impossible. They both can’t be right.

Hodja listened carefully to his wife and then said to her,

— My dear, you are right, too.

Sometimes I feel like Hodja.

One day I read an opinion that the reuse of 3rd-party components helps TG. A corollary is "it hurts Django." I heard it on several occasions. I agree that reuse of popular components can help to bring existing users into fold. Probably it is good, I think.

Another day I read another opinion that Django is, well, better regardless of all other things. And I agree too. The author criticizes Django on some accounts. I agree again!

On the other hand, Internet is big enough for a few web frameworks. Different people have different opinions.

Am I being inconsistent? You bet! You are right too.