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London presentation

I found a blog post describing London Web Frameworks Night, which took place on 11/17/2005 at the University of Westminster. Jabbering Giraffe reports on presentation of three web frameworks: Catalyst, Django, And Ruby on Rails.

It is an interesting read. Author remarks that Django’s Admin ("with lots of Ajax and JavaScript goodness") was the main object of envy of other frameworks. Another interesting remark was how good Rails people are at marketing.

I hope it will provide you a fix until next event: Chicago’s Rails and Django presentation. Creators of both frameworks will present their "children" and answer questions. This event is expected to be videotaped and published afterwards. It means even if you cannot go to Chicago, IL you can still have your questions answered publicly by David Heinemeier Hansson and our very own Adrian Holovaty (with Jacob Kaplan-Moss on bench, who is getting ready to play when situation gets rough).

Go to event’s page and submit your questions.