Django on Dreamhost: happy end

It looks like all kinks with Django on Dreamhost were worked out. Of course, I am referring to MySQL problem (see my previous post) and strange stalling of long pages, which I reported to Django’s mailing list. It turned out that other people had these problem too. Jason McBrayer shared his experience. He pointed out to possible flup/ problem. I contacted Allan Saddi — the author of flup and other Python libraries and utilities. He came to help immediately. We were able to isolate the problematic piece of software and in no time Allan made a fix.

I wish developers of commercial software would serve paying customers as fast as Allan did for free software. Thank you, Allan!

Regarding MySQL problems. I’ve submitted a patch #463 to Django developers. Obviously it is a critical piece, which requires careful examination and validation. I hope it will be accepted very soon. Or you can try it on your own.

So go now, patch Django’s, download flup or, and enjoy smooth ride with excellent light-weight web framework, which is Django.