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My name is Eugene Lazutkin.

I'm a software developer based in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. Lazutkin.com is my professional blog, which contains short writeups and presentations regarding modern web applications. All articles here are written by myself, unless stated otherwise.

Recent posts

Django Dojo

28 Jan, 2006 - 2 minutes
Django-Dojo alliance was finally announced to the world by our very own Jacob Kaplan-Moss: Starting with version 0.92 (which should be out in a few weeks, Murphy willing), Django is going to bundle Dojo with the toolkit. Specifically as part of Django’s admin interface (but available to user apps as well). Read all about it in Jacob’s post. I am overjoyed to see such cool high quality open source projects are working together.

Full Snakes & Rubies video is live

27 Jan, 2006 - 2 minutes
Finally full Snakes & Rubies video went live on Google Video! And it took only 18 days to verify it (19 days, if you count when I started to upload it). Apparently the whole process of verification depends on file size nonlinearly. It cannot depend on content because it is a combination of smaller files: Adrian’s Django presentation, David’s Rails presentation, and Q&A session. Oh, well. And now is time for some stats (1/9/2006–1/27/2006):

OpenWrt QoS

27 Jan, 2006 - 1 minutes
It looks like nbd was able to find the problem, which plagued many people (including me) with QoS. You can find details in this thread on OpenWrt forum. Instructions on how to install QoS package can be found in this FAQ entry. Give it a whirl and don’t forget to thank Felix Fietkau (nbd). QoS was the biggest feature on my "wanted" list. It means now I can produce an OpenWrt GUI (webui) module to deal with it.

My experience with Google Video

15 Jan, 2006 - 3 minutes
Some time ago Jacob Kaplan-Moss released his documentary about Snakes & Rubies event. It is a must see video for all serious programmers working in different fields because it gives you a rare chance to understand the motives of two successful software projects. Pretty soon it became obvious that sending links to hefty files or torrents is not the best way to spread the word — people are lazy and distractible.

Clients: thin vs. thick

15 Jan, 2006 - 5 minutes
Brad Neuberg wrote a good article, which compares two different approaches to AJAX: thick client (e.g., Dojo style) and thin client (e.g., Prototype style). While it does a good job contrasting two approaches, I want to underscore that the underlying problem is a clash of two cultures between "local application" developers, and "web site" developers. There is no doubt that local applications create the most satisfying end-user experience. Their typical weakness is in restriction of underlying data to local installation, which makes any collaboration impossible.

Where do old programmers go?

5 Jan, 2006 - 5 minutes
Nowadays this question is asked frequently. A lot of guys in their 30s realize that they are the oldest guys in their groups. 20+ guys don’t see wise sages around. What is going on? It was debated on /. without any productive outcome (as usual). Let’s take a look at the problem using available statistics. One nice source of data is the National Center for Educational Statistics. I made a chart using Table 280.

Live Filtering

Update on 11/25/2007: today this article presents mostly historical interest. Since Dojo 0.2 a lot of versions were published and many things were changed. At the time of this writing Dojo is at ripe 1.0. I had to disable all Ajax action in examples because I don’t use Dojo 0.2 anymore. What is Filtering? It is a selection of items using some criteria (filter). In this tutorial I am going to filter documents of my blog (made with Django, of course) matching titles against user-specified substring.

New releases

17 Dec, 2005 - 1 minutes
Today I saw new search phrase, which brought visitors to my humble blog: rails 1.0 "Lost connection to MySQL server during query". Yes, you guessed it right! Ruby on Rails 1.0 was released 4 days ago. Scrip.aculo.us 1.5 and Prototype 1.4 were released as well. On 15th Dojo 0.2 was released too. It sports many widgets, improved speed, and new BSD license, which was added to AFL. Now you can use it in GPL projects as well as in commercial applications even, if you don’t understand legalese of AFL.