Hicharts: tribute to Highcharts.

The original article is: Dojo Charting demo: tribute to Highcharts. This demo was built with Dojo 1.4.

Ask, and Ye Shall Receive (John 16:24)

This is a simple approximation of a front page demo of Highcharts — an excellent charting library in pure JavaScript, which is free for non-commercial use. The demo below is done with DojoX Charting using stock components without any special customization. The demo should work on any modern browser and IE.

Dojo is available under BSD/AFL, and free for any use.

Fruit Consumption By Fruit
Fruit Consumption By Day

This demo doesn't use any images, even for backgrounds. So if you don't see a nice gradient under charts it means that you use a browser that doesn't support this feature in CSS (IE and WebKit should be fine). The same goes for rounded corners on legends (FF and WebKit should be fine).

Take a look at the code — it does not have much JavaScript. The only significant JavaScript piece is a definition of a theme (saved myself some typing) — essentially a JSON-style constant.

I didn't style the tooltip and used the stock one, which comes with Dijit.

I added actors to the Pie chart above to animate it a little because it is very easy to do so.